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Meet the Pastors

Terrance Ellison



Pastor Terrance Ellison is the founder of Better Life  Christian Center.  It was formerly known as Better Way Ministries. He is a native New Yorker who grew up learning about the gospel message through his parents Mattie Ellison and the late Fletcher Ellison. The early introduction to Christ prepared Pastor Ellison to eventually accept the call and become an ordained minister in 1984.   
As a minister, he received opportunities to travel, preach, and teach the gospel in various churches on the east coast. Many organizations like the Progressive Baptist Association of the Eastern Shore Inc. honored Pastor Ellison for his commitment to preaching and teaching the Gospel.  It was not until April 1995, that he entered into full time ministry and founded Better Way Ministries.  He received Apostle Jimmie A. Ellis III, Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Center, as his spiritual covering when he began to develop Better Way Ministries.   
Pastor Ellison is a gifted expositor of the Word with an uncanny ability to convey truths applicable to today’s generation. This is achieved through his prophetic ministering that dismantles strongholds and helps believers to learn new patterns of thinking.  As a result of this type of ministry, many lives have been changed.  As a visionary, he is committed to cultivating emerging leaders who are able to demonstrate the transforming power of Christ and are willing to teach others how they too can have a better life today.

Over the tenure of Pastor Ellison’s leadership, Today With a Better Way (TWBW) was created.  It started as a radio ministry in 2000 in which Pastor Ellison taught the Word on WTMR 800 daily and WPHL 17 weekly.  It progressed to conferences.  TWBW sponsored the first WORD EXPLOSION Conference in Philadelphia on City Avenue. The conference was such a success that it became an annual event that continues currently and is now known as Better Life Today (BLT). Many other accomplishments have blossomed under the leadership of Pastor Ellison and over 13 ministries have been developed.  In 2012, Pastor Ellison authored a book entitled: 8 Types of Prayer.  This book was written to encourage believers on how to effectively communicate with God and to unveil the tremendous power available through prayer.  

The vision that Pastor Ellison has is to expand beyond the borders of the Delaware Valley and to ultimately reach the world for Christ.

First Lady Brenda Ellison has been involved in Christian ministry since 1995 and has served alongside her husband, Pastor Terrance Ellison, throughout their entire marriage.  She is from New York and grew up under the spiritual influence of her parents Martha Booker and the late David Booker.  Growing up with a Christian background helped First Lady Ellison to accept the call of Eldership on April 28, 2002. 

She is very active in the development and expansion of the ministry and innovative in her

thinking.  Elder Brenda is practical, engagingly funny, and very down to earth.  Her passion is to help women of all age live fulfilled lives.  She is the  Leader of Women of Strength Ministries.  She designed Women of Strength to address specific concerns and challenges that women face and has spoken at a number of women’s events.

Elder Brenda also developed a marriage enrichment program called Staying Together. She noticed the unique needs of married and engaged couples and created a ministry to address various relationship challenges.  These are all examples of how she is progressive in her thinking and is constantly looking for new ways to minister to women. 
Elder Brenda received a distinguished Dream Girl Award from New Life Worship Center in 2008. She was recognized for her commitment and dedication to advance women’s issues in ministry.  Her devotion to helping the lives of people has caused many marriages to remain intact.  The women are stronger today because of her dedication.

Elder Brenda Ellison

First Lady


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