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About BLCC

Our Belief


We believe that the Bible is the written and inspired Word of God.  

We believe in the Name of Jesus and the authority invested in that Name.

 We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the evidence of speaking in other tongues (prayer language).

 We believe in water baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

 We believe that tithes and offerings should support the Church, Pastor, poor, sick, and homeless.

 We believe that after death eternal life begins. Where one spends eternity, in Heaven or Hell, is based on their decision.  To live according to God’s Word and commandments or to deny his Word.







Vision for BLCC

Better Life is a church

for all people to be taught and prayed for that

Jesus Christ can make

their lives better



Better Way Ministries began in February 1995 as a bible study and officially became a church two months later in April 1995.  The Pastor’s wife, Elder Brenda Ellison, sacrificed her living room for the glory of God and to support her husband, Pastor Terrance Ellison, in his calling. Together they created an atmosphere of excellence that exemplifies the spirit of Better Way.  The first service was held with only 13 people in attendance.
The maximum occupancy in the house was only 35, but the next step of faith took Better Way from its meager beginnings, to a full-fledged sanctuary that held over 125 people in 1998.  Better Way Ministries has always been a ministry built on faith.  The move to 4055 Davisville Road was no exception since it was ushered in by the favor of God, when the membership was still less than 20 people!
In September of 1999, God revealed to Pastor Ellison that he should preach the gospel using every medium available: radio, TV, books, internet, etc.  In the following months Pastor Ellison launched what was the very beginning of Today With A Better Way (TWBW) an outreach ministry to impact the Delaware Valley.  
It started as a radio ministry in 2000 in which Pastor Ellison taught the Word on WTMR 800 daily and WPHL 17 weekly. It progressed to conferences. TWBW sponsored the first WORD EXPLOSION Conference in Philadelphia, PA on City Avenue.  The conference was such a success that it became an annual event that
continues currently.  As a result of these different forms of media, in the year of 2001 Better Way grew from 13 members to over 100 members.

 As a result of the expansion of the ministry Better Way Ministries moved from 4055 Davisville in 2002 to Jenkintown.  The ministry shared a facility with another congregation in order to save sufficient funding to purchase its own building.  In 2007 the congregation successfully acquired a 16,000 square footage building located at 4815 Stenton Ave. in Philadelphia.  It was renovated with new bathrooms, classrooms, offices, and a sanctuary that seats over 325 people. The ministry continues to grow numerically and in diversity of membership.  Currently there are 20 departments.  In 2011, Pastor Ellison was led to change the name of the ministry to Better Life Christian Center in order to reflect the new direction.  






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